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Collective decision making, made easy
Umbraco CMS Starter Kit for Local Government sites
Open-source collaborative platform for Rural Development
Enables people to survey the condition of Listed Buildings

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European Network of Living Labs

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is the international federation of benchmarked Living Labs in Europe and worldwide. A Living Lab is a real-life test and experimentation environment where users and producers co-create innovations. In a Living Lab, services are co-designed by users and producers, emerging uses and market opportunities are tested, ideas are implemented and tested in live scenarios and projects are assessed for impact. 


A network of cities across Europe are currently collaborating on an initiative Code for Europe to put the talent of data technologists at the heart of local authorities. We are exploring how this contributes to a step change in how cities and local governments are able to embed digital technology in public services. Our aspiration is that cities become... Read more

Open data at a local scale is starting to produce some of the most promising opportunities for connecting citizens, civil society and local public services. Depending on where you live, you may be able to access services to navigate a city by avoiding congested routes, participate in debates about city issues or locate nearest services (anything from toilets to homeless shelters and food... Read more